Passed Today!

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I passed my exam today.

794 was my score, so I got nearly 90% of the exam correct. Not bad seeing as though I've never really worked on a server. I have only worked on my very small LAN with 4 computers, wireless.

Well, I know what most of the questions are going to be -

What's Next?

I'm planning on going with the 70-270 exam. I have a friend who gave me his copy of the TestOut software.

I want to go towards the CCNA but I feel like this might be way over my head due to no "real" network experience. I also have access to the TestOut software for CCNA also.

I want to steer towards Server+, Security+ and Linux+. I have NO Linux experience, so taking this exam in the near future is a real problem.

Should I purchase a Linux version to take this exam? I have heard that most versions of Linux are free, what it be possible for me to download a copy of Linux... work on it for about a month, study and take the exam?

Would anyone be able to help me out with a path to go down?

I would also like to thank everyone on this forum.

The majority of my questions were on servers, TCP/IP and troubleshooting TCP/IP. I had about 2 or 3 questions on ports... about 3 on the OSI model. Just seemed like most of the questions were on troubleshooting.

Thanks everyone!

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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    When you're just starting out with certifications and trying to decide on the next one, a good rule would be -- which certification will advance you in your current job or get you a new better job? You may have search some of the job boards or read the want ads to see who is hiring what in your area.

    If there are entry level positions for CCNAs in your area -- then the NET+ puts you about at about 75% of the INTRO exam requirement (if you wanted to do the more costly 2 exam option for the CCNA). The bad news is that probably 80% of the stuff on the one CCNA exam options is ICND stuff.

    Getting the MCP is probably your fastest (and maybe easiest) option right now.

    You might want to look for the slackware linux distribution on the web.... but there are also bootable images that let you play with a linux system in memory.... you're not going to know if you like (and understand) Linux until you try and play with it.

    The key thing to remember with certifications -- they are just things that get your resume selected and/or moved to the top of the pile. Your knowledge and experience are ultimately more important to actually get that job.

    Good luck with the MCP -- and eventually that CCNA :D
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    gabrielbtoledogabrielbtoledo Member Posts: 217
    Hey, congrats on the pass.
    I would go for MCP, it's just one exam and not that hard at all (if you are studying). Then go for your CCNA. That is exactly what I'm doing right now. I got my MCP this week, but I still want to take 270 first before attempting CCNA. Micrsoft is giving free retake till end of July. So, I don't want to miss the chance of having the free retake thing.
    For Linux, I wouldn't start with Slackware. It's a very hard distro for new comers, and you probably would get bored after a few unsuccessful attempts. I would start with Live distros and as you feel more confortable with it, keep moving up.
    A good place to read about Linux distros and to get them is here. Also, if you have no experience on burning ISO images, then this site is the place for you. Make sure you read the left column. It's a little article on how to burn ISO images.
    Good luck to you.
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