Failed Security+ Twice with even lower score

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Good afternoon Tech fam,

I retook the Comptia Security+ exam for my WGU curriculum and failed with a even lower score. The first attempt I made a 670. This go around I have no idea how in the heck i scored a 468. That's embarrassing. I read the Emmet dulaney Security+ book and the corresponding professer messer videos. What in the hell am I missing?!? Advice before I rip my hair out?


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    Throw the Emmet Dulaney Security+ book in the trash and light it on fire. Outside though. I've never looked at it personally and it might be a fine book. But it's not working for you. Time for a different approach.
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    If you read around this forum, Darril Gibson's book and his online resources are the most recommended. Why not give that a try.
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    I read Darril Gibson's book earlier this year and was able to pass with just that. Just make sure you understand all the answers throughout the practice tests so you know why they are wrong. =
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    Could you expand as to how your studying? I mean are you comfortable just reading for hours on end and not absorbing the material? Have you tried breaking up some of these study sessions with YouTube videos, Cybrary or other online media? Warning not everything on the 'net is going to be super accurate and there are people who seem to enjoy posting crap answers like a special type of *****.

    Have you developed or found some reliable flashcards? Is there someone you can ask to find things to read in the book at ask questions and make you thoroughly answer? How about learning to explain these topics like you were teaching them to another person. Even if you start in the mirror and yes, it sounds hokey so be sure your alone the first time you practice in the mirror (*wink*). Are you comfortable taking commercial tests outside of a school setting? Using earplugs? I need em to concentrate. Nervous? How do you feel physically after the exam? Lots of questions. Lets try to zero in on the core of the problem and eliminate the rest. icon_thumright.gif

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    Another vote for Darril's book. When I took the test (4-5 years ago), it was the book that had everything on the exam. I used other resources first, but didn't feel confident to take the exam. Darril's book filled in some gaps. I still didn't feel like I was ready, but I took the exam. Everything on the exam was in his book. If you read, learn, and understand what's in that book, you'll pass with flying colors.

    It's well written and very easy to read, too. If you have questions on certain topics, ask away. A lot of people can find resources for certain topics or have tips to learning something a different way.

    It's not an easy test, but when you're well prepared it's one you can be confident in tackling. You'll pass it next attempt!
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    I echo what everyone else has said. Gibson's book is the best for the security +, gives you the best opportunity to pass in my opinion. Grab that book and give it another shot. Also take a look at professor messer Security + videos on youtube. They are very insightful.
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    Another vote for Gibson and his online resource!
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    Find another book, maybe look at the Comptia website and see if they have an official study guide, also take a look at by purchasing a membership you'll get tons of IT books, pays for itself easy and you aren't stuck with a high dollar book if its a dud. Also, take a look at for 80$ a month you can get access to their library and access to transcender practice exams.

    Also, it wouldn't hurt to read the entire list of objectives for the exam.
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    Not a fan of professor messer. I also vote for Darril's book.
    Take the practice exams several times along side reading the book, and you should be fine.
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    I am currently reading Gibson's book, So far its been much helpful. I encourage to try it.
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    Darril Gibson. Also, download the exam objectives and go over each item in as much detail as you can. They give you the objectives as a guide, and you can expect to see questions about most of them on your test.
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    Another nod toward Darril's book, it was phenomenal. Don't let this get you down, I failed CCENT twice. Just hit the area you're weak on and schedule the test a week or two later
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    As someone doing the same program as I post this through WGU, I am working towards my Sec+. And as such, I felt from my 2 failures on the Net+ through WGU that I learned a few methods that WGU needs to teach and I have been hammering into my mentor. (this forum) is a good start for help, as well as the other items that follow.
    Darrell gibson for network + got me to pass on my third time around, people here praise it, I will also, best investment for Net+ and Sec+ so far. Keeps you on your toes as to what domains you are struggling in.

    Secondly, as a WGU student, you should have access to the Lynda videos, skillsoft and labsim. Also watch the professor messor video up on youtube (he's got a good groundwork for most subjects). Use these resources, do the labs, watch the videos several times. You can get that higher score if you put aside a few hours a day during the weekdays, and then 5 hours a day on the weekend.

    A HUGE help to you, in which I did for the network+, download the exam objectives, put them in a text editor (word document/drive file) and start filling in each area, once you found you cannot, you found your weak spots. Just touch up and get that missing knowledge.
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    yoba222 wrote: »
    Throw the Emmet Dulaney Security+ book in the trash and light it on fire. Outside though.
    Agree! This is the first time I've ever heard of that book lol
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    That book is setting you up for failure. That thing is huge. I had the Network+ one and it is just information overload, it covers everything in so much detail, you'll never make it through the whole thing while absorbing everything. If you need a book, get the exam cram.
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