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Im coming the the end of my study of the sec+ will be sitting the exam soon. I know im jumping the gun here as i have not yet passed and my question is slightly out of scope of this sec+ forum but... how big of a jump from the sec+ is the CSA+ ?

if i pass the sec+ the first attempt i will be studying for it for about a month, how long of a commitment of time would the CSA be and is there alot of cross over?



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    It'll be a great follow-up. Security+ covers the general basics, CSA+ covers the hands-on technical stuff. Cross-over, but not the same as one is just principles, the other is doing it. You'll want some hands-on skills for the CSA. The exam objectives are at


    It's easy to practice the real world stuff, just look at the objectives, download some online software that does it, and use that software in a lab (VM) environment

    Example - 1.1 Given a scenario, apply environmental reconnaissance techniques using appropriate tools and processes

    Some of the tools are even listed - nmap, dns scans, nessus, etc.

    The best part of CSA+ is it's real-life, so the skills you're learning for it will mirror exactly what you'll likely do if you get an infosec job. Probably a decent amount of commitment since you'll need to learn how to actually use the tools
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    I haven't seen any job listings that were asking for CSA+ I'm wondering if CCNA Cyber Ops or other from GIAC/EC-Council are a better ROI with name recognition.
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    GIAC's definitely better name recognition & reputation than CompTIA, but there's quite a cost discrepancy between the two, especially for someone just starting out without that large enterprise job that can afford the $6k+ SANS training
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