Project: Cryptographic Erase

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I am looking for some forum insight on setting up a project that involves "Cryptographic Erase" procedures and processes, and need help with all the ingredients (Hardware, Software tools) to get something off the ground.

The approach is definitely to be pro Crypto Erase with backed studies by NSA, NIST, etc. icon_cheers.gif

I want to be able to prove on my own with a proper project setup that data recovery, data carving is not possible or nearly impossible for platter, but mainly SSDs that have undergone a public/private AES-256 level Crypto-Erase. How can I get this going with even an external SSD, as well as other platforms like an Apple iPhone (native AES-256 encryption)...using the built in "Wipe iPhone" and prove data can't be pulled off it through forensic tools of course, connected to a PC/Mac.

I am mainly looking for guidance or re-direction to a website where someone else has already gone through such steps.


Step 1.) Obtain XYZ Model SSD that has hardware based AES-256 encyption
Step 2.) Traditional steps of a Crypto-Erase procedure native to manufacture or built-in utility
Step 3.) Attempts with popular data recovery, data recovery tools pull up file fragments, garbage or find nothing

Seeking the help of all the Digital Forensic gurus of the forum.

Much Appreciated!
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