Honest eLearnSecurity PTSv3 review

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I finished up the PTSv3 course this weekend. I definitely underestimated how entry-level this course would be. This course is geared towards those that are working to gain a knowledge base in order to move into a cyber security role, rather than those already in the cyber security field. For only a couple hundred bucks, I don't regret taking the course, but it definitely left me wanting more.

Thing I enjoyed the most: The hands-on labs were cool, giving an opportunity to try out what they go over in the course. Nothing beats hands-on experience, and these labs provide that, at a beginner level.

Thing I was disappointed by the most: I was really looking forward to the Python section, as I have been working on developing that skill recently. The Python section did an okay job explaining the basics, but when they got to the Python for Pen Testing section, they basically just give you a couple scripts, tell you what the full script does, but don't break down the pieces of it very well. This section was the one I was most looking forward to (for the pen testing portion), but I don't feel like I got anything out of it.

I would recommend this course for anyone who has a Security+ (or similar), and is looking to get into a cyber security role. For those that have certifications more advanced than Security+, and already work in a cyber security role, I would recommend skipping this one.


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    How much time did it take you to finish it?

    I know its a very broad question and really depends on the previous knowledge of the person taking this course. But i would like to see how much time should i expect to allocate.

    I am fairly new to IS and recently got my Sec+
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    I'd say I spent roughly ten to fifteen hours total going through the course, between the readings, videos, and labs. My previous knowledge was pretty high though, in comparison to the materials of the course, so I blew through a good chunk of it. Being new to information security, it will likely take you longer than it did for me.
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