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Im looking for a move into infosec at some point and Im currently working as a system admin with the odd infosec work done as part of our roles eg administering web filtering, firewall rules, endpoints, access controls etc but not a direct role.

I’ve done the SSCP and the SEC+ but neither are really hands on. This means that you know where to ‘look’ even though you might not of setup something fully from scratch eg hands on. From a job change I see this as a very weak point.

Now one of the courses that caught my interest was the EJPT ( Elearnsecurity Junior Penetration Tester ). It seems to have a lot of hands on stuff and even the exam is hands on so this could give me a good foundation in blue team ( eg the exam wants you to attack as red team )

I’ve read a few reviews and everyone seems to get something out of it even if its not a very well known cert. Its coming in at $200 for the course and exam ( you get a discount by $100 if invited rather than $300 ).

Would this be worthwhile and enhance my CV? I looked at the CompTIA CSA+ but this may be better?

Thoughts please?


  • tripleatriplea SSCP, MCP, MCTS, MSDST, Sec+, ITIL-Fv3, CCA, eJPT UKMember Posts: 179 ■■■□□□□□□□
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    It's cheap, it will teach you things but not very recognized if you're looking for a resume builder. Really depends on what you want to do, you mention blue team, but you're looking at a red team cert. If you want to be something like a SOC analyst then yes, the CSA+ would make more sense, or even something from SANS if you can swing the cost.
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    Sorry yes Im aware this is a red team cert.

    My thinking was the same as if you were preventing a robbery you think like the robber. So if you know where the red team might start for common attack points you would know how to also block them from a blue team point of view eg know both sides of the equation.

    Thinking this would also come across from a CV point of view. Maybe some hirers would like to comment?

    It also counts as 10 CPE for my SSCP so thats a bonus and must hold some validity.

    Not sure how well the CSA stacks up hands on wise, as I said want to learn by getting hands dirty.

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    eJPT is a good one for getting your hands dirty. Sounds like this is what you're looking for.
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    It's cheap and you will learn very valuable skills. People won't know what eJPT is, but you will get hands on experience with important tools (both for red and blue teams.). Beats reading about attacks all day long...you actually get to do them!
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    It's an awesome cert to add to your portfolio, and a great way to get your hands dirty!

    If you have other certs that will get you an interview (which looks like the case), during an interview you can explain what eJPT to your hopeful new employer icon_thumright.gif
  • tripleatriplea SSCP, MCP, MCTS, MSDST, Sec+, ITIL-Fv3, CCA, eJPT UKMember Posts: 179 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks for replies so far.

    i see you both have the exam. How did you find doing it? Will 30 hours in the labs be enough or 60? As some say that's overkill.

    not that great at subnetting/routing/heavy tcp as up til now only at a single site/domain so never really needed it. Likely to cause any pros due to this?

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    I believe this course will give you the hands on you are looking for. Enhance your CV? Not this year. Maybe in 2019 if they gain enough traction, maybe not.

    I did the 30 and had about 10 hours left. 60 hours would have been too much. Probably 30 is enough. I started scrounging lab time near the end in anticipation of the final exam. It's a psychological thing I think. I worried about running out of time so I stopped using time altogether, which is irrational. I think 40 hours would have been ideal for me psychologically.

    Your lab hours DO NOT count towards the final exam. I had this mindset at one point for some reason and cause me to scrounge on lab time even more.
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    I don't think it'll do much for your resume but you'll definitely learn plenty from it.
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