Looking for IT Security Architect

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Here is a link to the official ad.

While the salary is a range, expect the lowest number of $80k unless you have experience within Arkansas state employment, have more than 20 years of experience in IT Security, or have either GSE or CCIE certifications.

CISSP is a requirement within 6 months of hire. We are looking for someone with either strong Cisco networking design, with an knack for security of all devices, including routers switches and firewalls; or extensive Security Monitoring experience. Also, audit and compliance experience is a major plus.

Must be able to pass a background check.

Post here or PM me for any questions about this position. Otherwise, please apply!


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    So it looks like an analyst. Why do I see an architect in this thread?

    Left disappointed.
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    To add to this, you are looking for someone with extensive Cisco network design experience (not exactly sure how a "Cisco" network is different than other networks, but I am not a network engineer) OR someone with extensive Security Monitoring Experience. Those are two completely different skill sets, what exactly does your team envision the successful applicant doing on a day to day basis?

    Edit: and just a FYI, there arent many people with 20+ years of IT security experience who will work for $110k, heck, wont be many with 10+ years. Just saying...
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    I feel like you threw 2 job descriptions together (one for an architect and one for an analyst) and came out with your post. The job you linked asks for 5+ years exp.
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    Good questions.

    The actual title is analyst while the working title is architect. Welcome to state government.

    The reason we are looking for either of those skillsets is because others on the team will take up the duties not covered by this position. We have three teams in our security group: design, operations, and monitoring. This position is in the design team that consists of architects. We also handle most of our agency compliancy.

    Also, this is public sector. You will only be obligated to 40 hours a week, with a flexible schedule, good benefits, etc.

    The pay is lower than public sector, but there is a good work/life balance. I personally work 4-10s, tues through fri.

    All you need is 5 years to apply, but you will need one of the other extras to get more than the base salary. This the reality of state jobs versus what is written in the description.
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    As far as what you do on a day-to-day basis, it is quite varied. You find problems and you fix them. You consult on other departments or agency projects. From time to time, you will get assigned a project or task, but for the most part, you need to be self driven.
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    swild wrote: »
    I personally work 4-10s, tues through fri.

    I'd love those hours! A 4 day work week sounds pretty nice.
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    Pay is probably okay for that area I'm assuming. But responsibilities of an architect yet with the title of an analyst: that's a lousy deal in my opinion. Good luck.
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    Considering the median income for a family in Arkansas is 56k a year, 80k minimum sounds pretty good. It has my interest peaked. Median income for a family in New jersey is 85k, That's a 34% delta. I'd have to get a job paying 104k in NJ to equal 80k in Arkansas.
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    Arkansas does have one of the lowest cost-of-living values in the country. Little Rock isn't bad as far as amenities. The rest of the state is pretty rural, excluding the Fayetteville/Bentonville area. If you are willing to commute 30 to 45 minutes, you can easily find a house for rent for less than $600 a month. I am not willing to commute and live 1.7 miles from work and pay $950 a month for a 2bed/1bath house in a decent neighborhood.
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    Thanks for posting this appreciate the time and effort.......
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    TechGromit wrote: »
    Considering the median income for a family in Arkansas is 56k a year, 80k minimum sounds pretty good. It has my interest peaked. Median income for a family in New jersey is 85k, That's a 34% delta. I'd have to get a job paying 104k in NJ to equal 80k in Arkansas.

    Don't forget that government jobs generally have two big benefits not found in corporate. 1) It's harder to terminate someone on a whim and 2) an actual retirement pension. Someone who has been working bleeding-edge jobs and getting laid-off every other year might like the combo of stability plus a defined retirement plan even if the raw salary is lower than corporate.
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