Passed CISA 21/9

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After reading thru many posts here I decided not to purchase the book and simply used the Q&A DB and I watched the Cybrary videos once. Studied for 3 weeks but had to reschedule the exam due to IRMA from the 11th to the 21st

Focused on the domains in ascending order of importance-
Domain 5, Domain 1, Domain 4, Domain 3, Domain 2

Did a 2 mock tests and found that Domains 1 & 2 were my weakest at 75% & 78%. Focused on them for 2 days and did a few mocks testes again each time to the tune of 75 questions which takes less time and as long as you get them done in under 2 hours you know your time mgt is good.

The center's moderator had to phone to get help when the test failed to load properly so I started 8 min late at 9:08. Took a 5 min break at 10:20 and again at 11:00 which is half way and I was at question 95. I was done at 11:55 and reviewed 8 questions but made no changes and was done at 12:02

Questions were on par with the Q&A DB overall but I found the test itself to be easier than my previous two- PM and CASP.
The best advice I can offer is to think like an auditor and not as a manager which was my biggest hurdle to overcome.

The funny thing is... I'm currently being audited icon_lol.gif

Next is CISM on Nov 1st par anything more hurricanes icon_cry.gif
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