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Now days i am trying to solve HTB (hackthebox) machines.But there is lots of things which i don't know. I want to set my career as Penetration Tester so OSCP is my goal. As suggested from others the path for oscp is eCPPT -> OSCP

So i am thinking to get 4 bundle from elearnsecurity eCPPT+eWAPT+eWAPTx+ePWD

So now i want to know that the things using in hackthebox machines are also in elearnsecurity's labs ? Does eCPPT teach us about GDB , binary exploitation things and many rooting tricks from labs ?


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    Hi, the full syllabus with every single module that's covered in the course is on our website... icon_lol.gif
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    your strategy is good, eCPPT => OSCP is a great path. Depending on your experience, some people skip eCPPT but I'm a fan of their teaching method.

    Having the other web based pentesting certs from eLearnSecurity is also a great idea because OSCP won't teach you much about Web based pentesting and you WILL be asked about it in interviews

    I say don't rush, start with eCPPT, see how you go. Learn as much as you can, then do the OSCP and try to get a job in the field. Learning won't stop, you can always go back and do the web based pentest certs from eLearnSecurity or you might work in a company that pays for your SANS training

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    Thanks for the reply.
    My dad promise me to give me money in nov-dec time. Till then i am practicing my skills in HTB machines
    I owned 5 system and 5 users till now there. I wouldn't mind to take those courses from elearnsecurity but i just wanted to know that are we learn many enumeration techniques used in oscp labs ? I become weak when i see smb , rpc ports open as we need to enumerate more to get user details and use further exploit

    Like in one HTB machine i saw smb port open and got user detail but didn't get password

    Pentesting such ports is really the area i am weak
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