Back on the studies after a very long hiatus

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Hello again everyone,

I had started a thread on here back in January regarding my pursuit of the 70-410 exam. however, to sound like a broken record - things did not go according to plan.

I ended up getting massively consumed with work and it took until now to really muster up the willpower and motivation to pass this exam.

My company put me and a number of my colleagues through a course that was being taught by our own in-house trainer. I had some concerns about how much of the curriculum the course actually covered. and as a result purchased the MSFT self study guide and read that as well. Unfortunately it confirmed what i had already feared - the course material was extremely light on just about all of the exam objectives. not sure what i can and can't say about certain courses so i will leave them unnamed.

I purchased the transcender practice exams as i have done for my other IT studies, first time around landed me at a frankly embarrassing 30%. But not to be disheartened i looked at my score and focused on my weaker areas and a week or 2 later came back to it. this time i got 66%.

there is a tangible improvement, which i am happy about :) but still have work to do.

the plan is to start checking in either weekly or bi-weekly to try and get some routine again, and ideally get this passed before the end of October.

Wish me luck! :)


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