Noob: MTA 98-365 (amount of time needed to pass, completely new to IT)

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I am fortunate to be interning with my universities collaboration department in charge of email servers, share/proofpoint and such. I would like to maximize my chance of staying here after this 6 months is over.

To do this I want to receive 2 certifications by January 3rd.
My goal is to pass 365 and 366 MTA.

Pretend I'm the average joe, which I am, with barely little IT experience how much time, realistically, would it take for me to study (hours per day and days in general) for just the 98-365 for starters using plural sight, mva, and the official Microsoft book.

If you were my spirit IT guide what would you suggest my alloted time for study to be to reach the quickest time possible.

I'd like to add I do enjoy computers and tech, but I still need to will myself to study and read.

Though this is just a forum, I highly respect your opinions as members of the IT community. Thank you
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