Passed CISSP last week! (1 year of studying off and on)

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Long time lurker first time poster. I've been working in the IT field in various roles for the past 12 years, and I've accumulated the following certs:

A+, Net+, Sec+, CEH, EDRP, GSEC, GCFA, GAWN, and GCIA.

I took a bootcamp about this time last year, but didn't feel fully prepared after it. The instructor did very well, but I was also studying for my GCFA and GCIA around the same time. And those SANS certs have a 4 month expiration period if I remember correctly, so studying for those had to come first!

The notes from the bootcamp helped and I would refer back to them throughout the year or as points of study. If anyone ever takes a bootcamp, please take notes! It makes things so much easier later on.

I went through a few books, including the one included with the bootcamp: Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, Fourth Edition ((ISC)2 Press) by Adam Gordon.

That book has A LOT of info and material in it and it is very lengthy. So much info to the point it was hard to concentrate, focus, and keep with it. So I put that one to the side.

The ones I felt were really helpful were:

11th Hour
All In One by Shon Harris

I also started with the IT Pro TV videos which I believe had Adam Gordon. Great content, but very long winded. Then I heard of the videos through Cybrary with Kelly Handerhan. These are legit. I combined this with the official CISSP Practice tests and that combination seemed to be my silver bullet. I referenced the 11th hour once in awhile but the Cybrary videos and the explanations from the practice tests really hit it home. I wish I would have discovered that combination sooner.

For the past month and a half I would listen to these videos on my commute to work, while working out, and while mowing the lawn.

I finished right under 5 hours. Took a break at about the 150 question mark to get a drink, stretch, etc. Came back, knocked out the last 100 questions, and did the final pass through/review. A few questions I really wasn't prepared for, and a lot more came down to just doing your best to choose the best option and crossing your fingers.

The official practice questions really get you in the right mindset to take the test, and the Cybrary videos with Kelly gave great tips and suggestions on how to remember certain items/terms/concepts. It's definitely a do-able test and you really have to go in there with your managerial hat on.

Thanks to everyone who has posted their journey so far, it has really helped motivate me and help me nail down the best sources of study!


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    Congratulations!!! that's great. I am writing my exam at the end of this month and following the same two books as you : 11th Hour and Shon Harris (All in one)
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    Where I can access official CISSP test's ?
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    CISSP / CCSP / CCSK / CRISC / CISM / CISA / CASP / Security+ / Network+ / A+ / CEH / eNDP / AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty / AWS Certified Security - Specialty / AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional / AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional / AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate / AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate / AWS Certified Developer - Associate / AWS Cloud Practitioner
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    Congratulations ! =)
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    15TVeteran wrote: »
    Where I can access official CISSP test's ?

    You just have to sign up on Pearson Vue's website for a time and date on when you want to access the official test. icon_thumright.gif
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