What to do once getting the CCNA

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I'm currently in a field support role and do not have much exposure to the networking side. I've passed the CCNA but do not have networking experience. I've been looking for a networking job but unfortunately, these jobs are requiring experience so I've not been able to find anything.

Can you guys provide any insight on what you guys did to break into the networking field? In addition, what was the certification you guys aimed for after the CCNA? Do you stick to the Cisco route and go for the CCNP? My buddy in the IT field mentioned I should learn Powershell and Cloud Service Certs (Azure and/or AWS) since that is where the market is heading. What are your thoughts?

Any insight is much appreciated.



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    Does your current employer have a networks team you could sidestep into?
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    Continue on the Cisco path and look into a security oriented certification. I just landed a Networking job with limited networking experience and not only did I do well in the interview (mostly CCNA/Sec+ based questions), my resume had "achievements" in the certification field. I asked one of the interviewers later and they said my resume was impressive and the certifications showed initiative. Companies will hire you with limited to no experience if you at least understand logic and theory of the job. You won't start as an engineer, but you will get your foot in the door. Look at other associate certs (security, collab, etc) or take it to the next level and go after the CCNP. It's a lot easier (from what I heard) to get a CCNP, after you have worked in the field for a bit. I know there are special cases.

    On your off time, you may want to go make a visit to your networking team and show you're passionate. Maybe if you become a familiar face and a position opens up, you can apply.
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