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I've officially obtained an industry credential in the field of Information Security. I passed this morning.

Had a score of 770/750.

I used Security+ videos from CBT Nuggets to study. Also watched Security+ videos from After the videos I used the Transcender questions offered by CBT Nuggets. That was the only practice questions set I completed.

If I were to do it differently I would:

- Complete reading the Security+ printed study guide.
- Do the chapter tests from the Security+ study guide
- Watch the and CBTNuggets videos.
- Complete practice tests from another Vendor (besides Transcender)

I list the stuff I would have done differently because during the test the questions are in no way identical
to the items from the practice test. Doing practice tests from two different vendors will, I think, get you used to two different perspectives of asking questions.

When you're taking the test don't take the timer for granted. Be sure you're not lurking too much on one question, or you WILL eat
the time needed for the remainder.

good luck guys, for those who are yet to take it.


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    Congrats on the pass and welcome to the club!
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    Congratulations. What's next?
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    Congrats!! :)
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    Congratulations on the pass. icon_cheers.gif
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    mauguilar wrote: »
    Congratulations. What's next?

    CISSP however I'd really love to use instructor-led learning on that so I'll be sure all the learning objectives are covered.
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    Congrats on the pass!! :D Welcome to the club!!
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    Congrats, How long did you study for the exam?
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    Mdaud wrote: »
    Congrats, How long did you study for the exam?

    To study for the exam I watched Security+ videos from as well as I then used the embedded Transcender practice questions from the cbtnuggets videos. Fair warning though, I have close to 20 years experience in IT and have previous major certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, MCSE NT4 (far expired).

    Although the exam objectives from the practice tests are the same, the actual questions are not. So if I were to give advise to potential test takers I'd suggest to list the concepts, terms, technologies, principles, e.t.c as you're studying. Then go through each of them and answer these questions by heart:

    - What is the definition of this term, concept, technology, e.t.c
    - What is it used for
    - What are the advantages/disadvantages of associated with this.
    - Which scenario would it be used for typically.
    - How would you implement this technology?

    Once you have finished going through your study material, practice questions, can answer these questions by heart for all the terms, concepts, or technologies, AND you're scoring at least 95% on the practice tests I'll confidently say you're ready to take the Security+ exam.
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    Congratulations ! =)
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