DC Network Monitoring

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Currently I’m looking for networking monitoring system for a DC Network which have ~200 nodes in 6 different geographic locations. All equipment is CISCO but different IOS version (IOS-XE,IOS-XR,NX-OS, IOS) Primary thing would be to monitor the following things like:

Network Interfaces monitoring:
• utilization
• errors (CRC)
• flaps (up/down)

Device monitoring:
• cpu
• memory
• availability (ICMP)

Additional nice to have monitoring would be: syslog, mac-address table size, FAN, Power, temperatures status, maybe vrrp gw changes.
Currently we’re using observium – it works OK. Just trying to see if there’s something better.
It could be commercial or somethink like ‘open’ but the requirement would be that it would took lots of time to configure like NAGIOS modules and etc. I think it would be enough to have SNMP based monitoring. Maybe you could recommend any or have some advices ? Thanks !
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