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Hey Guys,

I have an interview for an Infosec Analyst position next week. This will be my first interview for a role like this. Currently I'm in Desktop Support. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Info from the posting is below:
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Manager Network Administration
  • Solaris Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Store Managers
  • Support Services
[FONT=&amp]The Information Security Analyst is the first point of contact for maintaining user IDs for all key financial systems within XXXX. The Information Security Analyst supports both the home office and field with primary responsibility around the development and establishment of user id management and documentation as it relates to SOX compliance. Secondary responsibility for this Information Security Analyst will be to support various technologies within the Information Security Department. This position will monitor some Information Security systems. Any issues identified by the systems will be resolved by this position. Resolution will include working with IT administrators (Web, Linux and Windows), Store Managers, and Help Desk personnel based on the type of issue. This position will perform occasional upgrades to the Information Security Systems as needed or if upgrade cannot be performed using in-house skills schedule with vendors. This position will compile weekly statistics on the effectiveness of the Information Security Systems and make modifications to those systems in response to security events internal and external to the company.[/FONT]
  • Manage ID creation, deletions, and changes within Active Directory and other systems.
  • Perform quarterly review of all systems, audit ids, access rights and obtain appropriate signoffs.
  • Ensures departing employees are properly removed from all systems.
  • File Integrity Monitoring.
  • Provisions VPN tokens
  • Provide reports and documentation for SOX and PCI audits as assigned.
  • Monitors security logs for violations and anomalous events; reports information security concerns and problems, when necessary.
  • Improves security efficiency, streamlines work and works collaboratively department personnel to accomplish objectives.
  • On-call response to remediate critical problems with security alerts and notifications.
  • Associate's or Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Knowledge of operating systems including, Linux, and Windows.
  • Familiar with Active Directory (understanding directories, permissions, etc.)
  • General knowledge of network infrastructure.
  • Strong documentation and spreadsheet creation and management skills a must.
  • Working knowledge of centrally managed anti-virus (McAfee ePO a plus).
  • Experience creating and implementing process documentation.
  • Experience working with a help desk ticketing system.
  • Working knowledge of software applications: MS Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and Windows.
  • File integrity monitoring (Tripwire experience a plus).
  • Proactive problem solving ability.
  • Excellent communications skills.
  • Organized and Detail Oriented.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Must have the ability to troubleshoot and analyze a problem independently.
  • Ability to understand logical access in relation to system roles and ID creation.
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure and the ability to set customer expectations and clearly follow through to meet them.


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    Bring a notebook filled with your questions (ask a lot about the position...bring up research regarding the company..ask questions how the economy has been affected...). relax
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    Research the company for sure, why do you want to work there? If you have any idea of who you might meet with look them up on Linkedin. See if you have any in common connections etc. As far as technical questions, they have seen your resume so something on there made them want to talk with you. Just remember don't bullshit, if you don't know something it's okay say "I don't know that/haven't worked with but I can learn it." Be nice/personable to everyone you encounter during the interview. Say hello in the elevator because it might just be the person who interviews you.

    Good Luck.
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