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Is Mike Myers Network+ course sufficient in itself to pass the Network+ exam? I just finished the video course on Udemy and took ample notes but I'm worried there will be content on the exam that wasn't covered. I'm pretty worried because I'll have to take time off work to take the exam and if I don't return to work with a certificate then I may permanently lose my ability to work on network engineering projects. I want to take it within 10 days.

As a side note, I took the 50 question exam on this site and only received 80% but I only missed 2 questions that weren't related to cable connectors or transmit distance. I'll definitely review that area. I consider myself beyond CCENT in Routing and Switching but this test seems much broader.


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    Mike Myers N+ is good one but not enough, imho.
    I recommend to buy this simulator:
    CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Hands-on Lab Simulator | Pearson IT Certification
    do all labs.
    When you buy it, you will receive 30 day access to safaribooksonline. Go there and take this video course:
    and look what is lacks from Mike course.
    Also on safari you can find Kevin's book:
    which corresponds N= Simulator labs.

    Good luck...

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    Great feedback. Thank you very much. I've purchased the Lab Sim and signed up for a free 10-day trial at Safari Books (didn't see how to redeem 30-day access yet). I'll finish Prof Messer's course, do the Lab Sims, watch the Safari video course, and reference the book on Safari. Should be more than prepared for the exam.
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    jitternet wrote: »
    signed up for a free 10-day trial at Safari Books (didn't see how to redeem 30-day access yet).
    When you buy something from pearson, you must receive an email from
    [email protected]
    where you can find:
    Reminder About Your Reward
    Start your 30-day unlimited access pass to Safari today.
    Offer valid for new Safari customers only.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I did not receive an email from that address so I'll contact support about it.
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    I signed up for the 30day trial and have stuck to reading 1 chapter a day. I finished the book yesterday, signed up to take the test on Thursday, and am 40% through the video course watching at around 1.75x for review. I feel very confident about passing but am hoping for around 95% although that may be a stretch.
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    Thank you so much for the valuable feedback. I just passed with 803. The breadth of topics and vagueness of answers still made the exam stressful and I was unsure if I had passed as the clock ran out. It would have definitely not been possible without your feedback and recommendations for Kevin Wallace's materials. I watched 3 video courses (Mike Myers, Professor Messer, and Kevin Wallace), read Kevin Wallace's textbook, and did all the labs AND I still came across material on the exam that was not covered to the necessary depth in those materials.
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    Congrats bud, your hard work and dedication paid off!
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