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Now that VMUG Advantage includes NSX Enterprise Edition, I was wondering if anyone has it running up in their home lab?

I've been running esxi on two shuttle PCs (i7, 16GB ram, intel server quad port), but not sure if NSX will run on this hardware. I know there are some strict requirements


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    I would think you could get NSX to run on anything you an get ESXI running on, where it gets tricky is if you are doing nested, VXLAN and other things don't always respond well to nested. Check out the VMware HOL - don't underestimate it.
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    I'm definitely going to use HOL, just figured if it will work on my hardware, I can dig deeper
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    Yea, a hardware lab is a huge help, the bad part of the HOL is you spend so much time building up a topology, the good thing is you have easy reset button.
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    16GB of RAM will be really tight, I had a hard time getting it to run on 32GB. With NSX you need to add the NSX Manager and at least three NSX controllers on top of everything for Vcenter and DNS. Once you have all of that then the VMs and edge gateways also consume resources.

    There are several guides online you can search for. I've included one below, but there is also a YouTube guide that I've heard good things about.

    Deploy VMware NSX in Homelabs with Limited Resources |
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    Interesting. Thanks for the info.
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