Anyone working in Production Operations in IT?

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I was just curious if you could provide some high level overview on your job role.

We have openings from time to time. The ones here are responsible for the Jobs executing for the Stored Proc Chains. Making sure backups are done and ETL flow is happening through the company. I believe optimization is a huge part of their position as well.

I would really appreciate some insights.


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    Not even sure what Production Operations in iT is.

    15 years ago, I used to work in computer operations at a casino as a computer operator, I would run backups on reel to reel tapes, at one point the backup was using 30+ tapes and would take all night, we then switched to cartidges type tapes, and backups dropped drop to 6 or 8 cartidges, till it was running 20+ cartidges and they upgraded to a even higher density tape cartidges. But enough about the old days.

    I'd did backups, released batch jobs on the midframe, monitor system health, run print jobs, first on a highspeed band printers, later on a 2 color high speed laser printer, field user calls, was the first contact for any network, server or system problems. It was all shift work, I worked all three shifts at one point, but swing shift was the best, fewer problems calls without completely messing up my sleep schedule. Worked more than my share of holidays and weekends as well. i would guess the work is very simular today, the hardware may have changed, but the basic job function has not.
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    Thanks for following up, this is what it is IMO. Matches what little I know about the position.
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