CISM - Provisionally passed 29-09

diogoaleixodiogoaleixo Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
Provisionally passed the exam today! Used review guide and Q&A database only.

The past weeks I answered around 100 questions per day, started with 70% until achieve +85%.... The problem to study the QA only is that when you reach 85% you already know some of the answers and is hard to realize if you memorized the answer or if you really know the concepts. For my surprise I knew the concepts :)

I had a problem during the first 25 questions, the system was very slow and it was taking almost 1 min to pass to the next question after click the answer button, they fixed it during the rest of the exam but very bad experience to have especially for a test which cost almost USD 700!!

Good luck!!


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