Passed CISM 9/29

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Provisionally Passed CISM today.

Studied mainly using the ISACA online Q&A test bank while using the reference manual to fill in gaps of understanding concepts.

I have 25 years Leadership/Managerial experince coupled with 7 years Infosec/IT experience.

I completed the CISSP in mid June and had studied for the CISM since late July. My studies for the CISSP were intense 7 days a week for 4 months. The CISM consisted of an average of an hour a day using mainly the test bank.

The CISM was NOTHING compared to the CISSP. The questions were extremely straight forward with one clear answer. I actually thought I was missing something because the questions were so easy compared to the CISSP whose answers were so close I had to mull over before choosing.
I’ve read some posts that suggest the CISM and CISSP are equally hard. I didn’t see that, maybe the managerial concepts made sense because I’ve been doing it for so long.

I finished the test in 1 hr and 14 minutes including 2 breaks of 5 minutes per.
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