Passed CISSP exam today. 9/20/2017

wolf9081wolf9081 Member Posts: 61 ■■■□□□□□□□
So I passed the CISSP exam today. However, I would not recommend the path I took. I do have 20 years of IT experience, with the last 10 or so in management.

I attended a SANS CISSP bootcamp back in Nov 2016 and then took the GISP shortly there after. Then life happened and my studies fell off course. A month ago I decided it was now or never, so I registered and set a date thinking it would force me to study.

That did not work as planned and I only made it through the first 3 domains of Eric Conrad's 3rd Edition book and also listened to the SANS CISSP MP3's during my commute each day. I actually made it through all 8 domains. I thought about moving the exam, but felt I need to attempt it now or never.

Overall, the exam was less difficult than I expected, especially given the fact that I did not prepare much. I thought it was straight forward. Evaluate each question based on risk and/or cost. I only had a few questions that I considered a gotcha or difficult. They may have been the sample questions or just weak areas I did not cover.

For those studying, it is not an impossible test. I would recommend putting more effort into than I did though.


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