What Cert/Skill is most prudent for me to work on next? (CCNA expires 3/18) Advise?

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Dilemma: Where I should take my IT skills plan acquisition next?

Current Certs: CCENT had first, CCNA (expires March 201icon_cool.gif ITIL (I’ve played with PowerShell a bit but I cannot script at the moment)

Factors and premises: Continued market demand, appropriate match for my skillet and work tastes a very tangible bump in pay (Not sure I want to go down the network admin, engineer route, I prefer deep dive analysis, and solving obscure issues, not sure I can enjoy any more Link State Advertisements or Protocol elections.

Possible plans: CCNA Data Center (this is actually very interesting), CCNA Security, (to move further into security) or screw Cisco and swap fresh to security or cloud based cert, or even start learn to script?
Current job history: Moved Fast food to help desk in 2013, promoted in 2016 to 3rd level help desk, got CCNA and got hired in a NOC in late 2016 been there for a year or so, have become something of a pillar due to certain departmental challenges .

Considerations and babble:
I seem to really enjoy Kali Linux labs a lot more than fooling with routers and switches, I have messed a decent amount with power shell and have enjoyed it but the analytical deep dive of vast problem solving seems to be my favorite part of the field.
With my experience and certs and current market conditions / trends what do you guys think the best direction to go in is?
I’m between CCNA Data Center, CCNA Security and dig deeper into Security certs ( I have a lot of contacts in security as it is already) or would I be better off ditching the physical data center and digging straight into cloud?
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