Certifications to pursue for an Electronics, Telecommunications and IT student?

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Hi there,

I've just discovered this forum and it's exactly what I was looking for.

I am in my second year studying Electronics, Telecommunications and IT. My diploma will apparently be in "Electronic engineering".
I'm currently enrolled in a CCNA 1 course, planning to go the ICND1 + ICND2 route to eventually get my certification.

My question is, what other certifications could I pursue, lacking work experience? And what paths would they open for me, career-wise in the EU?

Thanks a lot!


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    Do you have an idea of which way you'd like to go? The assumption is going to be that you'll want to work as a sysadmin or network admin. If that's the case, you'll want to get 1-2 certifications based on end-points like workstations. In the US, the advice would be to get the A+ certification and maybe something dealing with Microsoft workstations. You should do checks of online employment resources for your country though to see what is being asked for.
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    I always thought the CWTS, CWNA etc would be good for this route....

    Could be wrong though.
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