Sitting for the CSA+ this Thursday

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Hey guys,

I'm sitting for the CSA+ this Thursday and was wondering if there is anything I can do to review more? Right now I've read the sybex book multiple times, reviewed my notes, done the practice labs and currently I'm just reading the skillpipe book.

I feel really uneasy about this test for some reason... any suggestions for things to review?


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    From what I've heard, make sure you can read and interpret logs well. Maybe look into doing some kind of sim labs.
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    I took the exam back in August (passed). One thing that I can say are important are understanding vulnerabilities for different OS's. I've studied for the CISSP and CASP, and found that because there's a lot more information available about them, they were helpful in that I had the knowledge. Everyone will keep saying "be able to read the logs", and while this is true, you will probably encounter various different log formats, sometimes all at once, so it makes it hard that you can't specifically say Wireshark, or Snort, or Fortigate, etc.

    Remember stuff like the difference between Technical and Administrative Controls, CIA and AAA, and just take your time. You have a very large amount of time per question on this one, so don't be afraid to stop and think about a question.
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    An Update,

    I failed with a 658, I didn't know Log analysis as well as I thought I did.

    A little Review of what my test had...

    3 simulations that were extremely heavy on the log analysis
    Some NMAP questions
    SCAP stuff that I forgot what It mean.
    A bunch of more log analysis questions (maybe 6)

    The rest of the info I knew from the sybex book and the Skillpipe book. I have a free retake, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it because I dont have good knowledge of reading logs.
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    Don't feel bad i did not pass on my first attempt either, I feel that some of the log captures were not as straight forward as they should have been, the logs data can also vary between SIEMS and/or packet captures...etc. I do feel that Comptia needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.
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