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Hey All,

I was eagerly waiting for this day & here it is. Passed it last Tuesday 923. Phew! Just thought of sharing the good news and thanking all who helped. I am NOT ecstatic about the score, mainly because I studied my A * * off for it. I am not going to disclose what was in the exam, but heres' some thoughts about the exam; when you think you know it all there will always be something to test you. Believe me I was tested big time. There were at least 10-12 questions that I had absolutely no idea. Educated guessing is what I did.

My advise is;
1. Everyone thinks the sim's are a nightmare, well... It is not. If you think the sim questions are hard you are wrong, they are quite easy (thanks Johan for the advice). Build up that confidence by practising, RIP, assigning IP Addresses, setting passwords for Console, Telnet, Aux. & Practice other config's as well like ACL's, IGRP, VLAN's. I used the Sybex virtual Lab.
2. If you&'re just starting on your CCNA, make short notes while studying, especially on the OSI model, VLAN's, FR, ACL's & Show Commands. Read them before the exam. It helped me.
3. I did not purchase too many books; I got a CD rom (.pdf version) of Wendell Odem's 640-607 guide together with the routersim from a friend. A second hand copy of Todd Lammle's Exam notes for the old syllabus (640-507), a CCNA Sybex virtual Lab Gold edition sim package, which was a worthwhile investment, given that I had no access to routers or switches. I will recommend Todd Lammle's Exams Notes, it is really tops (go for the new edition 640-607 or 801).
4. During the exam ask for an extra erasable note pad & make some notes before you actually start the test. Do a few subnet masks, write down the ACL format for standard & extended, write down the OSI model with TCP/IP & data encapsulation and what ever you think that might help you remember something important. This link will show you tips that I wrote downTips

Off to the CCNP Forum, Good Luck to everybody sitting for the CCNA.

djjit :P


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