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Hi everyone, I have Mike Myers's A+ study guide 9th edition. I've been reading through it, right now I'm on chapter 14 of 26 I believe.

I've been having a question gnawing at the back of my head while I read: what should I be focusing on most for the exams?

I am learning a lot of the basics, but there are a lot of specifics that pass by in the book. Example would be, I know how RAM works, but should I memorize RAM speeds/pins. Or are the 2 A+ exams mainly just general knowledge on how computers work, and how to troubleshoot them?

Thanks in advance for everyone's time.


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    It is general knowledge, but a little more in depth than you might expect. I think if you work with computers, it shouldn't be too hard. I felt like

    I think what you study will depend on how you learn. I tend to watch videos and listen to MP3 files on the topic while I drive. Then I do quizzes on the Quizlet site on specific areas until I know it. If you like Mike Meyers, you might want to see if you can access Lynda videos through your library for free. Mike Myers has video classes for the A+ there! I really like IT ProTV. This is a channel on Amazon. The channel had lots of classes organized by certification. It is $20 a month, but I like how they organize all of the information.

    Make sure to know the PORTs listed in the objectives...know all of them backwards and forwards. Know the processor pins listed on the objectives.. Know how to set up a SODO router and troubleshoot problems with that. Use the Comptia exam Objectives on the site as a guide for what you need to study. Read through it and circle everything you don't know.... then learn it. Also, make sure you know the difference between the type of RAM. Make sure you know which things are important for building different types of systems given limited resources...it is all listed in the objectives.
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    NonazoonaNonazoona Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you for your advice! I learn something everyday from the Mike Myers book. I am excited for the day when I finish and can go back for a general reveiw of the objectives.
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