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I've been a member of this forum for a while and was busy here while studying for the CompTIA exams. In July I moved from Caribbeans to Europe and eventually I reached in UK a week or so ago. I've been applying for jobs since the beginning of September and I haven't been too much in luck. I had two people calling me, one was supposed to email me some offers and never did and second offer was a bit too far away and I couldn't manage the traveling to the workplace.

If you are located in UK what would be your suggestion?
I live around Barnsley and could travel easily to Sheffield, Leeds and around here. I know London is a different story but it is also expensive so at the moment am not looking to relocate there.

Problem is I got no IT related experience so I know I have to start with a help desk role but so far no one was willing to give me a chance yet. My experience is with a quality inspector role some years ago and a three year stock controller role in a warehouse, so other than being driven and self studying for the CompTIA certs how else would I lure employers to give me a chance ?

Thanks in advance!


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    You need to focus your CV on the customer service side of things. When you talk about previous jobs, talk about how you helped customers, responsibilities you had in the same vein, that kind of thing.

    When talking about your certifications, of course that's a very good start, but if you have non-certification or non-work experience with computers, a small section about yourself is the place to put this. Talk about anything IT-related you've done yourself (building and repairing your own computers, helping friends with their IT issues). This is a self-character reference of sorts, so be prepared to explain what you did in greater detail if they ask.

    At the end of the day, you need to show why you fit that 1st line helpdesk role, so customer service, following a process and troubleshooting are the three biggest things you can show off. :)
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    Aye thanks,

    Guess I'll try and tweak my CV a bit.
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    As Phalanx mentioned, focus on your CV will be key here especially in the customer service aspect, my first role was a 1st line helpdesk role. I had no previous experience but had Comptia A+ to my name (self study). Key points for me were trying to show self taught knowledge and training, try and show what you are working towards on your cv and what qualifications you are actively studying. As for the number of calls you've received have you tried linkedin? its a great tool for IT professionals it could help get your dreams/ambitions out there to further contacts? Just keep trying!
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