CCSP changes due to CSA v4 out?

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Hi Everyone -

I started studying for the CCSP in June 2017. Becuase of life, I pushed my exam till mid-October. During this time, CSA v4 has come out and there is different material in there than v3. That being said, will the CCSP questions change? Just wondering about the relevancy of CSA v4 to the CCSP.

Any info would be great. Thanks!


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    Eventually I'm sure, but it takes substantial time for that to happen, certainly won't impact your time line
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    Great. Thank you so much!

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    ISC(2) tends to work off the 3 year track starting with asking certification holders what we actually use and how it pertains to the exams. We are not SANS where everything can change in the matter of months.

    - b/eads
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    Interestingly CCSK is being fully updated to reflect changes next month - I wonder where this leaves the CCSP and why they would do if they have invested their time and effort in advocating the CCSP. Either way, I am looking at the CCSK personally rather than CCSP due to the update and the fact that I see either one being relevant for cloud roles.
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