Personal Strategy for Passing Security+

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Firstly let me thank the Techexams.Net community and Gomex Institute of Technology... I passed the Security+ last night. In light of this, I would like to recommend the following strategies I used.


1. Comptia Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead Darril Gibson a must-have resource... I was comfortable with the content and I find them in chapter questions and answers to be extremely helpful. Also, the fact that immediately after the questions you had access to the answer for me reduced the stress factor than going to the back of the book helped me...

2. Other resources include Virtual Training Company Training Software 6min training videos... The content was extremely clear and the video presenter was very articulate. I particularly appreciated the video on "How to Take the Exam"... Actually prepared persons on how to approach the exam from beginning to end. Factor included were arrival before the exam... in the actual exam and the approach...

Every study style is different, I prefer to study on my own and classroom doesn't work for me. I attended classes and the lecturer was excellent but I've adjusted to this style of studying for years and that works for me.

Study Schedule (2weeks)
1. Sleep from 7 pm to 11 pm...
2. Start studying from 12:00 am till 5 am...
3. Sleep until 7 am then prepare for work...
4. Repeat
Approaching Material
Open your favourite text editor and extract the most important points from the book - Creating personal notes. Soon you'll have 11 Chapters of meaningful personal notes

Approaching Videos
Watch videos in free time to fill the gap... You may get tired of text.

Finally... Monitor TECHEXAM site... lots of professionals use this site to gauge where they are in their study strategy... I've used this to assist in my process...

All the Best... Onward to CSA+


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    That study/work/sleep strategy intrigues me. So pass out hard after work for 4 hours. Then 5 solid hours of uninterrupted study time. Then maybe 1.5 hour boost of sleep to get through the work day.I've done rotating shiftwork and understand unusual sleep routines. But I wonder how steady-state that can be. And circadian rhythm? What's your reasoning on that choice of schedule? It sounds like you've thought it through carefully.
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