Which is harder, CCENT or Secruity+?

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Hello everyone! I'm HCPS123, HC for short. I've just started my IT career in the Navy and I'm looking to get both of these certifications (since I know they cover very different topics) with my ultimate goal of becoming an ethical Hacker (within 10 years. I don't plan on just getting CCENT and Sec+ and trying to find a penetration testing job with just that). Naturally though I would like to start my time with the easier cert first and then move on to the harder cert (well, relatively speaking since I'm aware these are both entry level certs) so I was looking for people's opinions on which cert they found harder/took more time to study for?

Once again I know these certs are very different from each other and it does all come down to individual preference however I saw a Comptia chart that listed CCENT as being below Sec+ in difficulty (it also rated CCNA as being equal Sec+ in difficulty) and I just wanted to get an idea of the forum's opinion on this.


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    Hello HCPS123. That comptia chart is old I think. CCENT is apprently a lot harder and represents 1 half of the CCNA. You can pass Sec+ with Darril Gibson's book and a practice test application. With the current CCENT you'll need to learn a lot about networking. Also you'd need something to practice IOS commands with (Packet tracer, GNS3 or physical lab).

    I'd definitely say CCENT would take you longer. Also if you go for CCENT why would you not go all the way and get your CCNA too? If you have any knowledge of what networking or security involve, maybe you should do what you enjoy the most?
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    Id say the Sec+ is harder because it builds on so much networking that you learn from Net+/CCENT.

    if you were to do sec+ first it will take much longer than if you had networking knowledge. But many do so.

    I personally did N+ > S+ and the networking knowledge made it easier.

    Recently N+ became so much harder, so I think ICND1 may be easier.

    That Comptia chart sucks.

    I would rate it all as...

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    I have taken all of the above this year. If I was to make a recommendation, it would be A+ > Sec+ > Network+ > ICND1 > ICND2.

    The CompTIA trifecta is more broad, and gives a solid foundation for moving into the other certs.

    Attempting the ICND1 or ICND2, without a really solid grasp on the OSI model and subnetting would be an exercise in futility. Cisco assumes that knowledge is already in place.
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    CompTIA says that some other vendor's cert is less than theirs. Grain of salt.

    If were starting my career in the Navy in IT I wouldn't worry about certs yet. I'd take advantage of 100% tuition assistance and knock out as many classes towards a bachelors in computer science/IT/etc., as possible, if not the bachelors itself. This will make a masters/MBA very doable on the GI bill afterwards. Save the certs for later.
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    New CCENT (after they started using it as base for CCNA sec/wireless/phone) is harder than security+.
    Then again... I did take the comptia trinity after I had a degree in computer science and when certs were for life. I've read around they are harder now, so who knows.
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    I would skip the CCENT & just go after the CCNA...you might have to study longer, but cmon? 1 test vs 2 tests? It really depends if you want to have a networking job or a security job...I've been in a security position for just over a year now, and feel I'm a "professional spreadsheet copy/paster". However, I am not deep into the security role, I am only doing vulnerability patching which gets real boring after a little while.

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    shochan wrote: »
    I would skip the CCENT & just go after the CCNA...

    Do this ^^^
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    It's cool that your goal become ethical hacker within 10 years so you should concentrate on both ccna and security+ after passing 2 of these certs. then you will have your own knowledge which will make you easier and smarter to choose the next certs. your own. There is nothing to be easy, time will answer your effort of learning. Good luck!
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    I thought the CCENT was difficult at the time but ultimately I found the Sec+ to be more difficult. Sec+ required some knowledge I picked up from my CCNA and was a bit caught off guard because of it. Granted I took my CCENT almost 3 years ago and my Sec+ about 18 months ago so I'm sure a lot of it has changed already.
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    CCENT is mostly multiply by 2. Sec+ is reading comprehension. Both exams takes about 1 month of study if you're new to IT.
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    No idea about the CCENT, but Security + took about a month to study for, like Dave said. It wasn't bad at all.
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    Based on the feedback from everyone I think I'm going to go with Sec+ first over ICND1. Thank you everyone for your help!!!
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    Security+ was my first certification. After that, I did CCENT and it required significantly more study time than Sec+. So I think you're making the right choice.
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