Annual/Monthly network upgrade consensus

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What are one's experience on the amount of planned upgrades done. I am trying to get a consensus. Please be specific, as to based on a year, month, or week and average hours spent to time, etc. Also, let me know what are your thoughts on this. Do you feel the number of upgrades is a bit much, it is okay, or it is the norm.

For example:
I work at a university with about 10,000+ of faculty/staff/students. I have been involved in upgrades in the past to either replace end-of-life gear or update software. It is hard to give an average but on a minimum I would say about 1 to 2 upgrades per month and a maximum of 2 - 4 upgrades per week. This are all done after hours, starting at 5PM at the earliest (if we get lucky) but usually after 10:00 PM. Upgrade can take anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours. On average it is about 4 to 6 hours. We do not get proper comp time, because it is loosely based on bringing it up in a discussion and hopefully upper level understands to give us time to recoup. Personally I think 2 to 4 upgrades a week is a lot to handle for an individual. In MHO, a rotation of engineers would make more sense in situation like that.

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