Anyone heard of the Identity Management Institute?

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Has anyone heard of and/or dealt with this company?

There is very little about them on the interwebs, which is kind of unsettling as they have been around for over a decade now. Plus the whole "leading international organization blah blah blah" sets off some red flags. I LOVE the fact they are a vendor neutral org focusing on IAM, which is something often overlooked in the field (IMO). Their certs are cheap, but I am not a fan of the fact they are not proctored, that and you can get some certs simply by "demonstrating" experience.


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    Started by Henry Bagdasarian in 2008. He seems to have more of an audit perspective, coming from an Accounting background. I have read a few articles he wrote, and he has popped up occasionally as an "expert commentator" in articles about breaches. History includes Fox Entertainment, back when they bought MySpace. I haven't seen him say anything contradictory to best practices, but I haven't personally identified him as a "thought leader" in the field.

    As far as the certs, they aren't well known. I can't speak to their comprehensiveness. If someone paid for me to take them, I would. But I don't personally think they are recognized enough to be worth the effort to take on my own.

    Just my thoughts. If you google for him, you will find more.
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    I did google him, he seems to know what he is talking about. My work is paying for the cert, but they want $95/yr to maintain the cert, which I would have to pay out of pocket in the long run. Just trying to figure out if its worth it.
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    I joined several years ago and was certified.  Within that first year they deleted the certification for that specific item and didn't notify me at all.   So several years later they seemed to have matured on the their website programs and exams so I signed up again for the cert and membership.  The site is not designed well to take the practice test.  Once they have your money, they do not respond to emails and do not provide any support so that was wasted money down the drain. I do not recommend this organization as their is no administration and it seems to be un-managed and un-monitored.  Its not even globally accepted like the other proven organizations and the fees are far too expensive to pay for a nonresponsive unsupported program.   Save your time and money and go with another validated organization.
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    Identity Management Institute is a global leader in identity and access management training with registered certification. We have thousands of international certified members. Our services and prices are very competitive. For a true assessment of our organization and programs, it's best to visit our LinkedIn page to see what existing members say about us.

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    I wouldn't go for an institute that I barely know about. It has to have a global recognition and you can always do a background check about its certified bodies.
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    Visit LinkedIn for real information and insight from thousands of supporters and followers of Identity Management Institute.
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