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I ran accross this question from the MCSA/MCSE 70-291 Self-Paced Training Kit. I am not sure why the correct answer is correct. Can anyone give me an in depth explanation to how they arrived at this answer on this question?

You work for a large organization that has leased the Class B
address It uses VLSM. The network is divided into 6
backbone subnets, each with 8190 host addresses. These hosts are
then subnetted as required. The subnet is divided
into 62 equal-sized subnets. On which subnet would you find host

1. <Correct>

Explanation :
The host address range for this subnet is through It is also the most specific subnet in the path.
Host is found on this subnet.

Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining IP Addressing
Sub Objective(s):
Configure TCP/IP addressing on a server computer



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    the "/25" indicates the first 25 bits are used to identify the unique network
    leaving the remaining bits to identify the specific host.
    (The remaining bits can add up to 1111111 = 127)

    so if you take the .128 + 127 = 255 -1(255 is used as broadcast) = 254
    Meaning that all valid hosts need to be in the range of to

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