Have Networking interview next week Monday...

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So I have been reading tons of post on this website and decided to make an account and participate. I am a college student majoring in IT with concentration in Security. The concentration doesn't really mean anything, I just took those courses to expand a little bit since I am doing security one day. I have done two internships in Security, one for security management and one currently doing vendor auditing. They were both boring, and didn't expand my knowledge like I expected...

So I chose to change my career shift to Networking, which is a good progressive field. I have been denied countless times for the fact that I do not have any proof I know anything about networking. I have an interview and I am currently studying for the CCENT along with Packet Tracer. The problem is the same old "I'm a college student with no experience or certs", so I was wondering should I take some of my example packet tracer diagrams to the interview? I feel if I just tell the manager that I do it that it wouldn't mean much, and that if I show him my work that it would show I really do have potential for this field.

Also is there anything else I could bring/say to the manager to better my case for the things I lack? I graduate this December.


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    if you are good with packet tracer it could help you to get the job. if you don't get this job maybe you can get some experience volunteering for your church. there is a guy named paul hill that teaches courses on udemy that got some good jobs after getting started volunteering at his church.
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