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I’m planning on starting working towards the MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2. My only concern is being unsure as to wether or not I’d be able to find the required study time for it. I have a lab setup and ready to be used but feel I might struggle to consistently put in the time each day for it.

Do you have any tips on how best you’ve studied for the MCSA whilst fitting in the rest of life’s commitments such as a full time job and how much time I should try I to put in per day? Even if you haven’t done the MCSA, tips on how to manage study time with any other certs would also be a help!



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    Im in the same position, with the same exact cert. Im a Network Engineer so I get to commision DC's and perform Domain migrations on a pretty normal basis. But I have off and on studied for the 410 for around 3 months. Once my kid is in bed I have a good 1 or 2 hours before going to bed and after a long day its tough to want to hop on a PC for any amount of time. Ive found that maybe Im just not as excited with the source material. I enjoy Networking as a whole much more and have most of my certs in Firewalls and security appliances. So for me its begining to look like my motivation to study will be a topic im excited to learn about. So Im looking at jumping into the CCENT\CCNA and cranking it out. Who knows I may go back to MCSA afterwards.
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    What other resources are you using for study? I spent about two hours a night and some time here and there on the weekends fully devoted to study/labs. I also used my lunch hour to read as well. The first hour was mostly watching pluralsight videos and then the second hour labbing all of what I just watched. Always taking notes. I learned this way too late in the game, after reading or watching videos, ALWAYS hit up technet. I got asked some obscure questions that I never heard anything about during studying but after the exam... yep, there it is in Technet.
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