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I started the FOR610 course at the beginning of September via OnDemand. I did not have any prior experience with reverse engineering. I had never seen assembly code prior to this course. I watched some of the videos, read the books four times, did the labs three times and listened to the MP3s four times. This was a great course with a lot of material to take in. The authors did an excellent job of presenting extremely technical material in an easy to learn format. I was able to put my new skill set to use right away which was great. The only downside I experienced with the course was some of the questions on the practice exam and GREM exam were not discussed in the course. There were a few questions that applied to tools that were not in the course. I think these tools were used in prior renditions of the course and left in the exam by mistake.


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    Congrats on the pass!! FOR610/GREM is one I really want to do!
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    I'm studying this now, and find some of the material painful to stay focused on. I plan on taking my first practice exam within 2 weeks, I'll see where I stand than in preparation. My exam expiration date is Dec. 6th.
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