At last mission CISSP accomplished

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At last mission CISSP accomplished in 3rd attempt.
My advice based on my experience to fellow CISSP aspirants. Some may differ with my approach.
  • This is a special exam and prepare accordingly. When you are planning for the exam, please plan a minimum of 6 months before the exam. Don’t Rush for the exam until you are not satisfied with your effort. If you are not prepared for the exam, you can change the dates 24 hours before the exam [please check the isc2 site for details].
  • Book the exam well in advance so that you can focus on your study plan else you end up focusing on all other things (such as family, office, new project, an endless list of excuse…..).
  • Then start with audio/visual i.e. video from Kelly/ video from video from Shon (if you have) (or both) any other video to get an overall idea about the content. Simultaneously take chapter wise notes. For repetition, you can use MP3 as well but prefer audio/visual.
  • Next choose one book to be it Sybex, Shon Harris, Eric Conrador, CISSP-CBK 4th edition and read it page by page start-till-end. Take chapter wise notes, do the question at the end of each chapter and record your score. At the end of this, you will have a good chapter wise note for future reference.
  • Then start Chapter wise Question, practice minimum of 1500 Question in total. You can use any one or more of these sources i.e. AIO/Sybex online/ skillset [AIO is 10/10] then go back and work on your weak areas, take notes [This is the final note for future review]. Focus mostly on Chapter-1, 7, 3, 8/4 which covers around 60% of the exam question.
  • Then start taking mixed question bag of 100/250 question [preferably 250 question set to come to the exam mindset.] from all chapters
[Note: always use different Question source to test your knowledge]. Don't repeat any question as the exam is not about memorizing stuff. If you are scoring around 70-80% on an average then you are done. At this point of time by reading the Question you can choose only the right answer out of the 4 choices by negating the other 3 wrong answers with logic.
  • Think as Manager, visualize the big picture. For a long question read the question from the bottom i.e. read 4 choices of the answer, and then the last paragraph of the question then the full question. It will save your time.

For the exam Day.
Relax…….if you know do some breathing exercises in the morning. Good rest before the exam is a must. 6 hours is too much thus take time in reading the question and select your answer accordingly don’t rush. Take breaks in between to give your brain the necessary break.
English is my 3rd Language. Plz bear with my English.
Best of luck for The exam....


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    You have better English than some people I work with, so don't sweat that! Congrats on the exam.
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    Congrats on the pass!!!!
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    Congrats! Good job and sticking it out.
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    Congrats! Hope I can be in your shoes come 2018! :)
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