Do I need to take the CCNA RS before I take the CCNA security

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Hi all,

Il be finishing my degree in computing science now around may. I went back to college in my mid 20s and study in the evenings. Once im finished the degree im going to be moving on to a masters in cyber security, again part time. the gap between these will be 26 -28 weeks ish of "free time", in the evenings anyway. im studying for the SSCP in tandem with the degree which il sit 3 or 4 weeks after I finish, which will leave me with lets say 22 weeks free.

Ive been working on a it service desk for a large Bank for 3 years, I did application support but it wasnt very technial. I have done a number of network moduals through college, ive also previously studied for the CCENT last summer for a number of weeks but I never pulled the trigger on the exam.

My question is have viable is it to reach the CCNA Security within 22 weeks? Do I have to do the CCNA RS, I mean its not required but would it be too much of a jump from CCENT to CCNA security, would it be recommended to sit the CCNA RS first?



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    donx4 wrote: »
    I mean its not required but would it be too much of a jump from CCENT to CCNA security, would it be recommended to sit the CCNA RS first?

    I went from CCENT to CCNA:Sec. Don't believe you need the INCD2 knowledge to pass the Security test as it doesn't deal with setting up R&S.
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    from what I read its tricky enough, the CCNA S. how did you find the content ? what sort of experience did you have doing it? how long did you study
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    It helps. I'm currently studying for CCNA Sec, and some material is related to CCNA R&S which allows me to feel more familiar with it.
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    You definitely can go straight to CCNA Security right after completing the CCENT portion - it only helps breeze through it slightly quicker if you have the full on CCNA knowledge. But I imagine its not that much more vs the content that is now contained in the CCENT study material.

    You can definitely knock it out in 22 weeks, just be smart with your time and do not procrastinate on studying! =)
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    It is not that important for CCNA, I would say. Here everything is more about the general concepts. An exception is Layer 2 Security, where understanding of basic switching is actually essential. I don't know what you are using for your studies, but all the decent training I used (Chris B, Novodyne, Cisco Press books) recaps on those concepts before diving into the security portion.

    Real Routing/Switching skills will be more much relevant at the CCNP and of course CCIE level for Security.
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