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Passed the Security + today. I used the Gibson book as well as his premium content. I also watched Prof. Messer videos and took the ExamCompass quizzes to get myself ready. Gibson’s premium content prepared me VERY well for the simulation questions and I had no problem with them at all, the multiple choice questions were a different story. They were framed in ways that I did not expect after studying with the practice exams, they were a lot more in-depth. At the end of my 72 questions,I was sure that I failed, but to my surprise I passed with an 801.

As far as tips go, I would repeat what others have said. Know your ports, hashes, encryption algorithms, as well as your security devices. One thing that I would stress is to have a pretty good idea of how to interpret the various logs that you might examine from these devices. For example, don’t just know what an IDS is, know what kind of information that the IDS might provide to you.

Anyways, my CompTIA triad is now complete and I am going to take a week or so off from studying and then dive into my MSCA Windows 10 exams. Thanks for all of the helpful insights that others have provided and good luck to those who are taking this test in the future.
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