CCSK plus or CCSP? Is CCSK-plus eye-catching ?

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I need some advice:

I am thinking of taking CCSK plus (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge - Plus) exam given by cloud security alliance.

I didn't choose to CCSP (ICS)2 because I am planning to go after CISSP. CCSK plus is more on hand and I guess little easier in comparison to CCSP

I have about 10 years of experience in network security( FW, IDS, NGFW) and networking as QA engineer. I am moving towards more of technical product management and professional services.

Any advice about books, difficulty, advantage would be appreciated.


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    If you search Indeed for CCSK nationwide, there are 113 hits while CCSP returns 490 (removing the Cisco CCSP ones). Not scientific by any means, but gives you an idea of what the market is looking for. I am not sure I follow your logic of not doing CCSP because you are going for CISSP. There's some crossover but that doesn't mean anything. I haven't taken CCSK but my understanding is that it's based solely on cloud knowledge while CCSP integrates practice.

    If you have the required experience, I would say go for CCSP. If not, you are stuck with CCSK.
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    CCSK is open book test you can take at home... Don't believe anyone should fail it. I think they even give you 2 shots at taking it when you pay for the exam. There isn't much too it IMO. If you want to add a quick cloud security cert to resume, sure you can go for it. But most would be better off getting the CCSP. (if you got the required exp of course)
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    I just passed my GIAC-GWAPT, while GWAPT was not that difficult but I have to read a ton. So I was looking for something really quick and easy. I did take two online quizzes and they seem to be easy.

    Thanks for the advice. Any other cloud-related certs?
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    Cloud Alliance has worked with ISC2 for CCSP as a step above CCSK. So do the CCSK to train for CCSP, but I would suggest that you get your CISSP before because it count as the work experience requirement for CCSP.
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    Another reason to get CISSP before CCSP is that CCSP will provide 30 CPEs for the CISSP after passing and getting the credential.
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    The CCSP has been one of my long term goals.

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