Passing Score for Server+ ?!

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I'm in the final stages of preparation for Server+. I'm accustomed to making sure that my practice test scores are 10% points higher than the passing score of the actual test.

Comptia's site says the following about the passing score.

"Passing Score 750 (on a scale of 100-900)"

What the *#$! does that mean?!

If a scale of 100-900 is equivalent to 0-100 then according to my math, the passing score is 93%!

My bro-in-law who has a math degree shared the following thought.

"It looks like you get 100 points just for signing up for the test, since that is the minimum score you can get. Then you need to get at least 650 out of the remaining 800 available points to pass. 650/800 = 81.25%"

Does anyone have a clue what Comptia's passing score means?


I read the Sybex book by T McMillan. I got 90% of the 380 questions correct and I was moving quite quickly through them. I missed a number of them because I was not reading carefully, but upon review, I knew the material in question.

I also read the All In One book by D Lachance and got 88% of the questions in its practice exam correct.

I skimmed a book for the old Storage+ exam since that and Linux are my weakest areas.

I have 15 yrs experience in IT support, mostly low-mid level general desktop, server, network support for small orgs. I've passed 10 or more cert tests, although mostly 10+ years ago--A+, CCNA, MCSA (Server 2000), Security+, etc. Some health problems were a limiting factor in my life for a while but thankfully that's behind me. I'm using this as some quick window dressing on my resume since I recently lost my job. I'll most likely move on to a MS Server 2012 test next.



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    I found the Server+ exam to be pretty straightforward. I look at it like a more server oriented A+(A++). Go for it if you are scoring so high on the practice tests, and you understand why you missed the questions that you did.
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    750/900 is about 83% It is unknown how the test is scored, but honestly it was pretty straight forward on the A+ level of difficulty.
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