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Hello All,
I have bought the GSLC certification challenge and I am interested in getting the GSLC books that are for it. Would anybody interested in sharing the GSLC materials they have?


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    I'm not 100% sure but I believe we aren't really allowed to share this.
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    I contacted the Sans reps about it. They say they only give the books with the self study and not the GIAC certification attempt. I didn't see anything about getting material from others. To me it looks like it's all about money. I just want to be prepared when I take the attempt. I hear it's like CISSP and PMP combined.
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    I'm 100% sure. We aren't allowed.

    You should've bought a SANS course.

    PS And yes, it's about money obviously. Their courses are top-notch and they worth the money IMO. If you don't think so just don't buy it. In order to maintain the quality of their courses they have to stay profitable and invest in developing them. What you are suggesting here is cut them these profits. Are you a socialist or what.
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    Are you a socialist or what.
    HA! Really though, why wouldn't they want to protect their main revenue source? Even just the test attempts are crazy expensive, of course it's all about money. You want to be prepared when you take the test, they want you to pay $6K to be prepared.
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    I understand and agree that any and all testing materials, including all electronic media used in the administration of any test GIAC/SANS test to me and/or all completed tests, become the exclusive property of GIAC/SANS and that GIAC/SANS will maintain them as strictly confidential, subject to the above-mentioned rights of GIAC/SANS.

    In light of the above, I understand and agree that I shall not release, disclose or share the content of any GIAC test to any other party under any circumstances, including the use of social media, nor shall I attempt to copy, photograph, reconstruct, print, distribute, resell, or use the content of any test, including test content shared with me from another source, inasmuch as the test questions and protocols are copyrighted materials and their release would compromise the validity, integrity, and commercial value of the tests. Furthermore, I acknowledge and agree that I may be held liable for any damages GIAC incurs as a result of my breach of this provision.
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    Understood. Thread Closed.
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