Passed ICND1

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First and foremost I want to state that I am currently a Network Administrator and previously I worked as a Network Engineer. I finally decided to attempt the exam due to the fact that my co-workers were constantly progressing themselves learning new things. The pool of staff is either CCNA or CCNP certified. So it motivated me to better myself and none the less I passed.

Now despite being in the field for a few years i found myself still having to study for the exam and throughout the process i did learn a lot of new things. The duration of study took a little less then 2 months.

Whelp just thought I announce this and now I am off to study for ICND2.



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    Congrats! I guess all that experience really helped.
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    Congratulations. Sounds like your in a similar situation as myself. Working in the field with a number of similarly qualified individuals to look up to. I am currently in the process of studying for the ICND2. Good luck to you.
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    Congrats!! Thats nice! Having peers in your work that can help you on any question! :)
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    nisti2 wrote: »
    Congrats!! Thats nice! Having peers in your work that can help you on any question! :)

    Yeah, they gave me a few pointers. Getting certified was definitely worth it. It gets a little awkward when you tell people you do not have any cisco certifications. People tend to question your knowledge...
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    Congrats! It's a nice feeling to have that one put away :)
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