Adobe cert and SEO skills

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Hello all,

I been thinking about acquiring skills in the Adobe creative cloud in content editing and photoshop as well as taking a class on Udemy for SEO and Wordpress.

What do you guys think are these valuable skills to add while I attend WGU and continue to build my resume???? Don't waste my time??
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    I took a graphic design course one semester in college and I also spent a summer learning web design from Team Treehouse. It was fun and I'd do it again. I'm also glad that I stopped after the one semester and the one summer.

    From that I learned mainly that graphic design is less about having a degree and certs and more about being able to demonstrate artistic talent IMHO. I looked down a web design career route in the past and my art skills are okayish to decent at best. Also, not very great salaries in design jobs. So while the design skills can be helpful to have, unless you're a talented artist I wouldn't invest too much energy in that path.

    Adobe is an evil company and they are notorious for vendor-locking people into renting their overpriced Creative Cloud software.
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