Canadian Government Releases Malware Inspection Tool

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The Canadian Communications Security Establishment has released a malware inspection tool to the public.
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  • TechGromitTechGromit Member Posts: 2,156 ■■■■■■■■■□
    They certainly could have picked a better name for there product. Assemblyline gets WAY too many hits. I would like to see what the product looks like, a video demo would be ideal before going though the trouble installing it. A review would be nice, at least you can't beat the price.

    The thing I fear with products like this is, good malware authors take the product and use it to tweek there malware until it passes scan by this product. With a product like Fireeye, not a lot of malware authors are going to spent 10k+ to obtain Fireeye to test against their malware.
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