Advise on Certs/Studies to meet GOAL

nestorhnestorh Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi guys. First of all thank you for being such a good community. Just started on the cert road and got my ITIL Foundation cert this week.

Wanted to ask you guys for advise on the roadmap to follow for my goal: I want to manage projects, be a leader in general (both in tech and outside of it), be in upper roles to impact on the results of companies. This could be done either working for someone else in a company (in a director/ project manager type of role) or in my own company(ies), which would be my preferred way, since I got tons of ideas and an entrepreneur spirit, but I would be ok with any.

I was thinking about getting this certs to follow this path (for now):
- Agile method: SCRUM PSM 1 (short term)
- IT Governance: Cobit 5 Foundation (short term)
- Project Management: PMP (mid term)
- Masters: MBA (mid-long term, maybe start in 2 years or so, although not so sure if needed)

How do you see this? I'd be glad if you could give me some inputs from your experience and what would you remove/add from the list above. I'm 26 and I've been working for 3 years now, with more emphasis on Software Development but currently in IT.

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