CCIE in 8 weeks Written books

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Hi do you all have any opnion on CCIE in 8 weeks ?



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    IMHO They're crap. They just link to Cisco public documents and like someone's sparse notes. I asked the author once what his CCIE number was on Twitter and never got anything back from him. He doesn't seem to be on CCIE HOF either which is odd.
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    ++ I agree that they are crap as well. It is EXACTLY how iristheangel described it.
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    Ditto to Iristheangel.
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    The one for the IE security was junk. It seems to give a 20,000 foot view of some topics on the blueprint. They are also disturbingly specific on some stuff.
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    If it looks too good to be true... ncool.gif
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    Disagree; I used their material for both Security and the R&S (OP's reference), and they both helped me learn and eventually pass the exam (took over 8 weeks though .. lol)..

    Iristheangel; I found the content creator's ccie # on the home page. just fyi.
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