Alcatel Lucent / Nuage switches REQUIRE external grounding? DC project questions.

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I'm involved with a data center relocation project. Not very big, only about 6000 square feet of DC in the new location. They seem to be going with Nuage networking gear in a leaf / spine / super spine architecture, and one point that has been made is that all Nuage gear MUST BE GROUNDED. They are using plastic bolts to mount the gear in the racks (why?), and an entirely separate grounding cable is being run around the computer room in the new DC, and ground wires run to each rack and to each piece of networking gear. An engineer on the project told me that the Nuage sales rep was very insistent on all gear being grounded like this, or no product warranty. Sounds like some pretty crappy Nuage equipment to me, I've been studying data center gear and layouts for some time, and have never heard of such strict grounding requirements. I'd have dropped Nuage from consideration right then and there if it were up to me. Why not go full-on Cisco Nexus for this DC? It does have VMware VMs in it also, if that matters. And once again, I typed this post all out in properly spaced paragraphs, let's see if this board smashes it all together AGAIN.
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