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I will be doing the ITIL Intermediate Service Operations (SO) course in the next few months. I decided to that as opposed to OSA, as I want to know everything and the whole SO lifecycle (SO principles, processes, SO activities, organising for SO, technology considerations, implementation of SO, and challenges/critical success factors/risks).

OSA only covers processes, functions/roles, and technology implementation/considerations.

I am in a technical role where my company adopts ITIL processes. Therefore, not in a management role.

Requested my company to book the SO courses and they did.

I was thinking about it, am I doing the right course? Or should I be doing the OSA? Probably too late to change the booking. When/if I pass the SO exam, is it worth doing OSA as well, or would there be no point as it's an overlap?

Also, I attempted the SO and OSA sample papers, and I passed them without training. Sometimes, I think Intermediate courses don't need compulsory attendance at an ATO. I know attending an ATO for ITIL Foundation is optional and allow self study. Hopefully Axelos/ITIL will reconsider and make it optional to attend ATO for Intermediate courses.


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    In response to your question, I passed the ITIL OSA Capability exam in October 2017. ITIL Capability is more technical and the ITIL Lifecycle is managerial. I passed the ITIL OSA Capability exam in October 2017 with the exam centre EXIN.

    It is not recommended to take the OSA and the OS exam, according to ITIL there is a Moderate degree of overlap and it should be avoided, as per the link below.

    That’s great, you could pass the sample paper without taking the training.

    When I booked my OSA exam, I had to submit a copy of my ITIL Foundation Certificate and a Completion Certificate of the OSA course from an ATO. Without these documents, I could not proceed to book my exam. These are the perquisites for taking the EXAM.

    I just wanted to share my experience with you, and I wish you all the very best on your exams.

    Best regards

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